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Microsoft Surface Pro starts to show up in retail stores days before launch


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The Microsoft Surface Pro tablet is not supposed to go on sale before February 9th, but some retail stores in the U.S. and Canada have already put up displays including the tablet itself. This way, potential buyers can play around with the device and decide if it something that they want to shell out the big bucks to purchase. The Microsoft Surface Pro is priced at $899 for 64GB of storage and 128GB will cost $999. The Pro version of the tablet features a Core i5 Intel processor under the hood.

Unlike the Microsoft Surface RT which uses an ARM based processor and competes with traditional tablets like the Apple iPad and Android flavored slates, owning the Microsoft Surface Pro is similar to having a mobile version of the desktop computer in your office. Competition for this version of the Surface comes from laptops and notebooks. Your legacy Windows apps can be installed, which is a good thing considering that while the Surface RT has Word, PowerPoint and Excel pre-installed, those buying the Surface Pro will have to install their own version of Microsoft Office.

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I went to my local Best Buy yesterday and only saw the RT in a very pathetic display by the mobile section.
The Surfaces at the Microsoft store aren't even tethered down, which is great because you can then test it in many different use scenarios. Even Apple stores lock down their products.