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Microsoft warranty experience.


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Noticed a while back that I had some kind of oxidation on my Surface RTs left side. Well today I contacted Microsoft support, the first thing I was told was "I can help you with this", "We will replace your unit" He took my Name, Home address, Phone number. Told me I would receive a UPS parcel label to my mail, for sending my old device to them, then we were done! This was my first encounter with their support, and I'm very pleased. UPS just came and collected the parcel.

Also tried asking if I somehow could exchange my old RT for the second generation(with extra money of course). This couldn't be arranged :D
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I would also be interested in trading in my RT for a 2, but I think MS has made it well known that they have more RTs than they know what to do with.


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not only that, their trade in amount is too low to justify going the MS trade in route, just sell it on ebay/kijiji to get your fair amount.. but glad it worked out for ya OP!


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Yes, ill try that as soon as I receive my replacement! I Love the RT, but the tegra 3 is slow. The Tegra 4 Suraface 2 will be awesome!
chiming in here with my experience. Walked into an MS store in Cinci with a dead pixel on the screen of my 5months old Surface RT. They exchanged it on the spot. Not just that, they took my "naked" RT and gave me an entire new box including power supply, no questions asked. Way to go.