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why I am returning my Surface :-(


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WiFi- stops working when the surface “sleeps”- need to power cycle the router to get it to recognise the network. My wife’s iPad and all my other devices seem to work ok so I know its not the network.

Touch cover- nice idea. Don't expect it to last a week- It rips. First one ripped in two days- the replacement ripped within 12 hours

Support: UK support is terrible. Cannot understand the agents on the other end- poor grasp of English. Constantly transferred and have to restate my details and issues alternatively put on hold whilst the problem is “escalated”. The original cover was charged to my credit card. The returns procedure is meant to pre-pay collection. After a further two calls into support I was told to either pay it myself or drop it off at the UPS depot. (at least I got to speak to an American employee that could speak English.)

Outcome: At the end of my tether, and after being promised return calls (to no avail,) I have decided to return the whole lot. I phone up support who will send me a pre-paid label and they ask me to find a big box to put it in! Unbelievable!

As an ex-microsoft employee I am disgusted. As a consumer I am very angry. :mad:


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Tim, sorry to hear about your troubles which are are also known to the members here. The wifi issue might have more than one cause (like needing to update router firmware although other devices work) and is reportedly being addressed by MS. Same with the touch cover. It is a know issue but most have been able to swap it right out without further issue and no real problems with customer service. That is where is sounds like you have had the most difficulty. Reading through the posts here is seems that a couple of other have had similar support issues but that for the most part the customer service has been very good. It almost seems there is one bad division assigned to UK support and if you get them the process becomes entirely frustrating.

Maybe you'll try again after the first big update rolls out and hopefully many of the teething issues are resolved. In the mean time small fixes continue to be released and work around found by the members here. Hopefully you'll stay tuned to the progress.