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Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter


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I have a Surface 2 and a Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter. They both work together.

My problem is with the adapter and it's output. It will always output to the highest resolution possible on the device it is connected to. This means, that whatever resolution I change my Surface 2 to, it will just stretch (or in my case not stretch) to fit that resolution.

This is nice if you have a 1080p projector, but if you don't, then you are given a really crappy projection of a 1080p image on a 1024 x 768 projector. When i change my Surface 2 to the 10x7 resolution, it is only a small scale of the projected 1080p faux projection.

Bottom line, no matter what resolution you change the Surface 2 to, the adapter stays in 1080p mode, and just tries to stretch the image to fit it.

Anyone have any ideas on how to change the output of the Wireless Adapter?