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Why Does Connecting a "Colossus" HDMI Capture Board Show Display Resolution Error?


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I use a Hauppauge "Colossus" video capture card to record live full-screen video from a variety of devices with HDMI outputs, including my UG007 MiniPC (a Dell/Wyse Project "Ophelia" predecessor) and Surface RT. Plugging the Surface RT's HDMI output into the Colossus card's input and attempting to open IE 10 or streaming video Web site from a tile on the start menu throws a “This app cannot open. The screen resolution is too low for this app to run. Change your screen resolution” message.

Opening the Change Display Settings applet displays a “Your resolution is lower than 1024 x 768. Some items might not fit and apps might not open” message.

Changing the Multiple Displays mode to Extend These Displays and selecting the Colossus shows the same message.

This message appears to be bogus because the Surface RT can display IE and steaming video in IE at 1280 x 720 if you disconnect the Colossus.

For a fully illustrated version of this issue, see the "Bogus Low-Resolution Messages for Colossus from the Microsoft Surface RT Tablet" section of my recent blog post.

Any ideas of how to prevent this message from appearing would be appreciated.


Metro-Apps need a min of 1366x768px (the actual resolution of the surface-display - not 1280x720). However, the Desktop-version should do the job with 1280.
Not sure about your display-warning-problem. Maybe set the monitor the colossus/hdmi only and try to set the resolution (via some sort of live-view?) to 1280p.
Maybe there's a problem with the connection between those two and the surcae isn't able to recognize the ability of the card to receive at least 1280x720.
Interestingly I had a similar problem when I recently upgraded my media center PC from Win7 to Win8. The solution defaulted to 1280x720 on my 720p TV (makes sense, since that's the native resolution of the TV) and I couldn't launch apps. I had to use the NVidia utility for the graphics card to resize the screen to 1366x768.
Thanks for the responses.

I neglected to mention in my original message that capture works fine from the Desktop.

My issue is primarily with the error message. If the 768 px height requirement applies only to Metro apps, the message should so state. It would be better if the error message included a suggestion to try the Desktop.


You're correct that the error message only applies to the apps, and not everybody would know that they could simply use the desktop IE. I actually first ran into this limitation on an Acer netbook with 1024x600 resolution (I was testing the Win8 RTM). As a workaround I just stayed on the desktop and ignored the MUI. (Off topic: the performance increase felt like I'd upgraded the processor).