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Microsoft Word on Surface RT, Citation Styles limitation

On my laptop I use Microsoft Word 2010 in which I am aloud to use non-standard citation styles (see Reference tab, Citations & Bibliography). These styles are XSL Stylesheet files that you can add to the Styles directory which contains the standard styles. Simply adding these new styles to the appropriate directory allowed Word to list them in the Styles drop down list under the Reference tab in Word 2010. However, this does not seem to work on my Surface RT. Only the twelve standard styles are shown, even when multiple new styles are saved into the same directory(ies) as they are. I have located two directories for these styles:

1) C:\Users\user_name\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Bibliography\Style
2) C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office15\Bibliography\Style

I am not sure why there are two directories with the same styles, but in either case, adding my other desired styles makes no difference in what Word allows to be utilized.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

By the way, I already installed the final version of Office 2013 on the Surface RT.
There's a third directory: C:\Users\"User"\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Templates\LiveContent\15\Managed\Word Document Bibliography Styles . Maybe putting your file there could help.
Eventually there is some new type of format in the xml-file itself. Did you try to copy the content from your file in to an existing, which you don't need? Otherwise, there could be some windows-style voodoo like editing the regfile ;)
I tried copying the content from the new XSL file to an existing, as you have suggested (I think? - you mentioned XML). This did not work either. All it did was remove the existing from the Citation style drop down list on the Reference tab. I also tried renaming the new XSL to an existing file name, and that did not work either. Perhaps someone more knowledgeable than myself could experiment with this. I would attach the XSL file I would like to appear in this drop down list, but I don't see an option for that here. It can be downloaded directly from the link listed on my last post, however. Anyone interested, I will greatly appreciate it! I am probably too much of a novice to go into the registry at this point. But, if nothing else works, I may be willing to try.
Ok, i'll try to do that, when i have some spare time, as i'm planning to use the cit-system too. Please be patient.
Does any one else use custom citation styles for footnotes in Microsoft Word? Has any one using a Surface come across this issue as described above?
The solution has been found, at least in my case. The answer can be found in the following discussion forum:
BibWord : Microsoft Word Citation and Bibliography styles - View Discussion
This is the web site that provided the original custom citation style mentioned above. Naturally, this is where the solution also originated. Many thanks to Yves.
thanks for the link. does this mean I have to edit each style to get it to work with 2013 in the Surface RT or can I just drop them into the folder you listed on Yves site. If they need to be updated is there a list of updated styles somewhere or should we wait for Yves to update the ones from his site?
thanks again
Each XSL style would need to be updated as needed. Only after adding the additional lines of text will the style be recognized. Adding it into the folder does nothing until those lines of text are added.
Also, I do not know what Yves plans on doing. I would only assume each style will be updated at some time, but I don't know when. Thankfully the update doesn't take long at all (it is just a copy & paste), so making this update shouldn't be too taxing, even on several styles.