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Solved Mini Display Port on dock not working

Tom Thomas

New Member
I am using the SP3 Docking station with an Apple Mini Display Port to DVI adaptor, the surface pro scales down but nothing is shown on the second display. I can unplug the Mini Display adaptor from the Docking station and plug it into the SP3 directly and everything works correctly.
Has anyone else had this problem? If so is there a fix? I have applied all updates that are available.

Thank you for any help.


New Member
Saw something similar with my SP3 and docking station. I have to make sure that the cable for the monitor is plugged in all the way. If not, I either get no signal to the monitor or the monitor show interference pixels. Might take the docking station back and try to get a replacement.

River Seow

New Member
I have an overheating SP3 that works with the docking station without problem. Then I got an exchanging one. After I recovered the image to the new exchanging SP3, my docking station cannot charging my surface pro with "plugged in, not charging" error. The mini-display port also does not work. After trial and error, I solved my problem by manually update the firmware since the new imaged system think all the updates have been applied including the firmwares. However, actually all the hardware firmware has not been applied. I followed the steps listed on the following URL.


You can download the newest Sept. 9 update instead of the July 16 list on the above URL.

After applied the firmware of "EC", the "plugged in but not charging issue" got solved. After applying the firmware of "SAM", the mini-port works as it should be (automatically recognize the external monitor plugged in the docking station). I hope these information is helpful for those have similar issue of the docking stations.