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mini displayport on Surface Pro not working


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I was wondering if someone out there could assist.

Yesterday I purchased a Surface Pro and also bought the official Microsoft mini display port to HDMI adapter (I now know that I could have got a much cheaper adapter elsewhere!!). Anyhow, I am not having any luck in getting my Sony Bravia TV to display what's on the Surface Pro. I have tried all of the following:
- I have tried two different HDMI cables to ensure there was not an issue with that.
- I have tried all four HDMI inputs on the Sony TV (and selected the appropriate input).
- On the Surface Pro I have gone into the Device Manager (Swipe from right of screen) and tried duplicate screen, and 2nd screen only.

The TV remains black as it there is no signal at all going into it. Yet when I plug in my HP laptop via a HDMI cable, there are no issues at all.

Am I missing something here? Has anybody else had similar issues?


Ben Farrell


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Did you swipe in and choose the display option to extend or clone the screen? Is the system detecting the display.? Sorry IE 11 does not workwell here

Hey , I can make paragraphs in IE 11 but keyboard input issues whoa
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Machistmo, how do you tell if the Surface has detected the TV? Does it make a sound or show a message on the screen? BTW I am not getting any indication that the Surface Pro or TV are connected to each other


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i dont wish to make anyone sound silly but is the adaptor in the correct way, i almost put mine in the wrong way.