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What are you missing on your Band (things, that can implemented via firmware and software updates)? No wishlist for upcoming Rev. of the Band.

- european language support (want to talk german to Cortana)
- inactivity alert
- "mark read" synchronization between Phone and Band
- reply options on the Band for all kind of messengers (WhatsApp, etc.). SMS IS ALREADY DEAD!
- delete function to clear old notifications (like "clear my band")


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Absolutely agree with 'mark read' and delete functionality (for both Band and phone)

Don't quite agree that SMS is dead as it's still my main way of contacting people!

Most annoying thing for me recently is the latest update which has killed my Bluetooth connection. Whenever I stray out of range and back in again it never receonnects... having to do this manually every time is getting to me, hope we get an update to the update soon :rolleyes: