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Missing drivers and Firmware issue?


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Hi everbody,
I have my SP3 for 3 days now and I'm really enjoying it, but today I tried to mount a micro sd card. I put the card in the slot but nothing happend. After I tried a couple of other things I opend the device-manager to check if it's a driver related issue and I was greeted by this:
Screenshot (2).png
It seems like I'm missing a couple of drivers including "USB3.0 Card Reader" which is probably causing the SD card issues I'm having. On closer inspection and a bit of research on the internet I realised, I'm also missing "Surface Pro Touch Controller firmware" and there seems to be some kind of issue with the firmware in general because of those yellow exclamation marks on the icons.

I have installed all updates via Windows update

Does anybody have an idead how I could get this sorted? Many thanks in advance!

PS My device manager is in german, I hope that's not an issue :/