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Modern chrome on Surface 2?

That a jailbreak won't come to pass or Google Chrome port won't come to pass? I stated in my first post that I don't believe Google Chrome will be ported but I am optimistic of a jailbreak for the Surface 2 from the development updates on XDA. And with jailbreak, you will have the option to use another browser other then IE, which I was responding to kristalsoldier.

In the future there will be a jailbreak for the Surface 2 to run ported desktop apps including other browsers but likely not Google Chrome.
Sorry, but "there will be" is a declarative statement of fact not some optimistic hope. In the context of the original poster's question, declaring that a jailbreak will be available as if it is an undeniable certainty is not helpful.

You are free to back down from your original wording, and I'd respect that (we all from time to time misstate or overstate what we intended to). But when you attempt to claim that you didn't say what you obviously said, that's a different matter.