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Ways to make IE more like chrome.

Michael Lynch

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So i am aware that half my gripes about using my surface come from the fact that i am a chrome user. I would like to make the switch to IE but i would really like to somehow log into my chrome account from IE. I use an android device with chrome built in and i like having the sync between the two. Also i have several chrome extensions i really like. Any tips trick. Some here already mentioned x mark but from what i saw that was only bookmarks.


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Your 'Chrome' account is actually your Google account. You can access a lot of your info by logging into Google from within IE, however, for some reason bookmarks no longer show up in the 'Bookmarks' once you're logged in, at least they don't for me. It appears those bookmarks are separate from your Chrome bookmarks, and they sync with the Google Toolbar. Don't care much for the Google Toolbar in IE -- I just sync my bookmarks with Xmarks -- gives me the added benefit of access to my bookmarks from Xmarks.com should I be using a computer other than my own.

Xmarks has several optional sync features: bookmarks for bookmark sync, "browsing history" for open tab sync, and "website data" for password sync. Any of these features can be disabled in the Xmarks settings if you'd prefer to keep that information local. LastPass acquired Xmarks in 2010, so if you're looking for password syncing between browsers you'll need $12 per year subscription for LastPass.
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