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Modifier keys stuck after 8 seconds


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This has been bugging me for quite a while.

Whenever I use Adobe applications on my Surface Pro I would use the modifier keys a lot (shift/ctrl/alt) and they get "stuck" after pressing them down for approximately 8 seconds. Also the spacebar gets stuck (not sure if that is considered a modifier).
It's not limited to just Adobe softwares, for example when typing this I held the shift key for 8s and it functioned as if caps lock was toggled.

I know that those filter keys/sticky keys settings specify something like "hold down for 8s", but I've turned them off completely.

I have re-installed the type cover drivers; still doesn't work.

Any clues?
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I too have this problem, and it is driving me nuts!!! Especially because you can't tell which key is "stuck" until you try and use a modifier, and get unexpected results. This is also most obvious to me in the Adobe CC programs, but is not restricted to just those programs so I am thinking it is a hardware or driver issue, and not an Adobe problem. And in my case the keys only need to be pressed, and not held for any amount of time (sort of working like the caps lock key, without the benefit of the indicator light) I have searched the web numerous times and have yet to find any help. It's hard to believe that you and I are the ONLY people on the planet having this issue. If you happen to find a fix elsewhere, PLEASE post back to this thread. I will do the same if I find something on this end. GOOD LUCK!!!
OK, so after doing some poking around... I happened to stumble on to a setting I hadn't tried before. Get to your control panel (however you prefer) go to hardware and sound, then devices and printers. You should see an icon for your "Surface Type Cover Filter Device", right click on that icon and choose "Keyboard Settings". On the "Speed" Tab, mine were set to: Repeat Delay-Short, and Repeat Rate-Fast. I moved those settings all the way to the opposite end (Repeat Delay-Long, and Repeat Rate-Slow) and clicked "apply". After doing that I went back in to Illustrator CC and worked on a file for 10-15 minutes, and was unable to recreate the problem. :))))) I know this is probably not the best fix, but it seems to have put a band-aid on the issue at least temporarily. Hopes this works for you, and hope the brains at MS get their "stuff" together and fix this issue for real!

Good luck!
I also have this problem, in Photoshop in particular. For me this tip is not a sollution since selecting text with Shift + Arrow keys become painfully slow.
This type of problems plus many other minor ones together is why im starting to hate my Surface Pro 2. Sometimes i love it...