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Sticky Keys Appear to be Fixed


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One problem with the Surface Pro 2 that I don't think was ever truly fixed was that, if you held a key down on your touch/type keyboard for >4 seconds, it would continue to think that this key was being pressed even if you were not. They had previously semi-fixed this by making keys cut-off after 4 seconds even if you were still holding the key. Both situations were really annoying, particularly if you tried playing any games on the SP2. A workaround for this was to disable some of the keyboard drivers but then you lost touchpad dragging.

Today, on a whim, I decided to check whether this problem/semi-fix was still present. I opened up Notepad and held down keys for ~4-10 seconds, and they neither stuck nor cut off. All of the related keyboard drivers are active (ie. touchpad dragging works). I thought that I'd share this news.