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Movei Battery Test - Flight Mode


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One thing that I was interested in finding out was how long you can go watching movies while on the plane (I fly trans-pacific flights often).


- 40% Brightness (very good for darkish room, like on a plane)
- Headphones in
- No Cover attached
- Airplane mode "ON"
- Using "Modern Video" app

- Man of Steel Video, 720P
- MP4 File
- 858kbps video
- 93kbps audio (stereo)
- 952kbps total bitrate


9:28 Minutes

Reran test using the exact same conditions noted above (40% brightness, airplane mode) using Star Trek: Into Darkness - 1080p MP4 File
Video Bit Rate: 2011kbps
Audio Bit Rate: 93kbps
Total Bit Rate: 2105kbps

Rundown Results: 8:40

I was pretty impressed by these results and look forward to using this on those long flights!


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Sooooo..... Are you saying you played the same movie on loop for the flight until the Pro 2's battery was fully discharged? :eek:


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that's right!

Oh, I misread the first part of your post. I thought you ran those tests while on the plane, so having a video on loop seemed crazy.

Those are nice results! It looks like Microsoft tweaked the power efficiency particularly for situations like this. :)