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Movei Battery Test - Flight Mode


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One thing that I was interested in finding out was how long you can go watching movies while on the plane (I fly trans-pacific flights often).


- 40% Brightness (very good for darkish room, like on a plane)
- Headphones in
- No Cover attached
- Airplane mode "ON"
- Using "Modern Video" app

- Man of Steel Video, 720P
- MP4 File
- 858kbps video
- 93kbps audio (stereo)
- 952kbps total bitrate


9:28 Minutes

Reran test using the exact same conditions noted above (40% brightness, airplane mode) using Star Trek: Into Darkness - 1080p MP4 File
Video Bit Rate: 2011kbps
Audio Bit Rate: 93kbps
Total Bit Rate: 2105kbps

Rundown Results: 8:40

I was pretty impressed by these results and look forward to using this on those long flights!
Sooooo..... Are you saying you played the same movie on loop for the flight until the Pro 2's battery was fully discharged? :eek:
that's right!

Oh, I misread the first part of your post. I thought you ran those tests while on the plane, so having a video on loop seemed crazy.

Those are nice results! It looks like Microsoft tweaked the power efficiency particularly for situations like this. :)