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MS Loyal from Birth to Present


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Welcome to all,
I am happy to be part of such a forum who's members strive to be number #1 with Microsoft products. I like to learn like everyone else. so lets goo.

From my new Surface Pro


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I can honestly say I'm a loyal fan of MS products. People can call me MS fanboy is they like, I don't care. I like their products whether people like them or not. Also, MS products has given me a livelihood since I'm in the tech field as a SSRS developer. I've own original and current Xbox, Zune HD (gone now), Windows Phones (HD7-->Lumia 810), Windows 8 on all my home devices, and now the Surface RT. Planning to get a 7" Surface is they release one. Will be in line for the new Xbox when it releases. So yeah, I'm pretty loyal.