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MS Offering Upgrade from RT to Pro for Difference in Price?


The only way I could see something like this to be possible is if there was something wrong with your Surface RT and they were to exchange it, they could offer you a Pro and you pay the difference. Then they wouldn't be losing out anything on anything.

Even if this offer did exist, like others I wouldn't be interested, RT fits my needs. I already have another laptop and ultrabook.


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Evil post bad spam. UPDATE: It appears there is some truth to this rumor. My local store has confirmed this is an option for me. Microsoft appears to be allowing the stores to decide on their own how to handle this issue.
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I just asked at the Boston Microsoft store about this, and the guy there said he hadn't heard of such a program. He also said that if I had bought the RT after Nov. 1st, today would be the last day I could turn it in if I wasn't satisfied with it, and then I could use that money towards a Pro if I wanted to. :)


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I called and was told that this program did not, and would not exist. I was hoping it would.
I am glad the program doesn't exist. I would be wrestling with myself whether to do it or not and have nightmares that I may have missed something. I am very happy with my RT. In two years I will likely go for a Pro.
Just checked out the Pro today at the Microsoft Store in Burnaby, BC. It looks and feels great but alas no trade up offer. The rep I spoke to said that if there was he would be right behind me.