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MS Surface Phone

I have heard lots of rumors but they are all unsubstantiated. When you look into them they are more wishful thinking than anything else. Of course it would be nice to have something like a Surface Phone but until there is a more substantial rumor it isn't worth getting to worked up over. The same thing has been happening with iPhone for years and still is wit the latest rumors of a budget iPhone for China.

It is nice to think about these things and follow the rumors but just keep in mind that they are only rumors... that is until they aren't ;)
No, it would be a Windows Phone 8 made by Microsoft. All other WPs are made by MS partners ;)
A Windows Surface phone would be equated to the Surface RT tablet. Just like Microsoft made their own tablet, they will make their own cell phone too... The all encompassing eco-system...
I'm interested and hopeful, but we have to wait and see if this is really in Microsoft's plan.
Mini-me :D

I would love to see a cell phone made from the VaporMag material, I Really like it. Rumors like this make me more disappointed that the surface doesn't have NFC.

However, while I love my PC, Surface, Zune, and Xbox...I don't know if I would leave my iphone...theres something to be said to have the best of both worlds...and whether I like it or not developers are all about the iphone.
I love the look of this phone but i know its unlikely to be true at the moment. I'll have to make do with my HTC 8X for now. Love it though windows phone 8 is ace!