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Ms Surface Pro 3 battery driver problem


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Hello everyone,
last March I received from Microsoft Assistance, replacing another device flawed result, a surface pro 3 i5 128gb.
Upon arriving I immediately upgraded to Windows 10 without ever disconnect it from, so I'm not sure if when was virgin it was working properly... (i think no, because after i inizialized two times all searching to solve the problem).
When I finished the installation, I realized that was plagued by a very annoying flaw regarding the battery.
Until current goes to, everything it is ok but if I try to use it without power ... poof ... surface turns off after 20-70 seconds!!! :O
I called the support and they showed me a couple of procedures to be followed (including the one to re-initialize all) but all there tips no resolved my problem.

Trying again and again I found a makeshift solution but working: instead of uninstall related entries in the battery management resources and then reinstall them in windows after the update - as suggested by Microsoft - I simply tried to disable the "Battery compatible ACPI Microsoft " driver.
Of course, I have no view - on that point - of the percent of battery charge remain during my work (because of disabled the driver) but at least it works fine!
I can safely use the surface pro 3 for a couple of hours (heat permitting ...) without the power cord.

Always having plenty to do and having extreme need of surface to work (they had asked me to send it back!) so, at that time, I stopped to contact Microsoft and I continued to use surface like this.
Around end of August, however, I decided to solve the problem permanently, hoping for a driver software upgrade by Ms but I realized that my warranty ended in late July !!!!
I tried to call Microsoft, also pointing out that the problem was the same raised as early as March (when it was still under warranty), but they said only to send the item and pay 800 euros for substitution because of warranty expired!!!
So I tried to buy a new power supply, hoping that the problem was generated by this component.
Infact, i had indeed noticed that, unlike the first flawed model that I had been replaced, if I connected a phone to the USB adapter socket to recharge it, I attacked him and peeling off constantly: seems that the charger open and close electricity continuously.
Bought the substitute, the problem turned out absolutely equal ... so seems really a software problem: disabling the driver Microsoft everything works fine.
I heard that others had this problem with the battery: someone solved it?
Thank you