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SPro 3 issues with charging port and battery performance


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tl:dr charging port issues and battery issues.

I bought a used SPro 3 back in May 2017 to replace one that had a cracked screen. It has worked great until last weekend when someone tripped over the charging cable and it was forcibly removed from the unit, and now has the plastic shielding surrounding the pins removed on both sides. This has caused issues (I think this was the caused) with the charge port on the SPro 3. I have tried two different charging cables and they will both charge the unit if plugged in a certain way (also some times a spark will form) but the led no longer comes on. Additionally, the surface dock no longer works for charging or usb detection. Can this be fixed? without opening up the unit and damaging the screen? Can the components be gotten to without opening it the traditional way? Its out of warranty and i'm not too big on overall look of the unit if something can be done without having to send to microsoft and pay ~$600 for a replacement.

Also not sure if this is normal or just another problem that popped up around the time this happened but i have noticed battery issues that I haven't seem to noticed before. For example, today my battery dropped from ~35% to 10% in 50-60 minutes of being on battery saver mode and in sleep mode. Is this an issue with recent windows update or just a sign that the battery is dying?

I would greatly appreciate any answers, tips, etc.
Not really in the position to replace it atm and I have a MBP to rely on but if I can somehow fix it then i'm all for any answers you may have. I have thought about taking a dremel to the case and seeing if I could carefully removing and possibly replacing the port. Any thoughts?