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Music app won't add music I put on my microSD card


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Hi everyone, I have to say I'm a bit frustrated. I bought the 32 GB surface tablet. I wanted to put my pictures and music from my other computer on a microSD card to free up the internal hard drive for things like applications. The problem is that the music app won't let me add the microSD card as a file to look for music. It only lets you add the music files from the interal hard drive.At this point I'm wondering whether the picture application will have the same problem. It seems like having a giant microSD card is useless if the applications refuse to look here. Anyone have any suggestions? I hope I'm just doing something wrong and that there's an easy solution.


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What 'App' are you using? Have you tried MultiMedia 8 (free at the store) or just the (lame) shipped Music app? Also, look around this forum. I saw a few posts with info re ways to import SD card media into Libraries where even the stock app can see it.


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Michael --

I have all of my music (prox 1,000 songs) on an SD card, and the Music app plays them fine. Open the app, then RightClick somewhere and a menu will pop up from the bottom. Look for "Open File" in the bottom left corner. The first time you do it, you will have to navigate to your folder. Use "Go Up" until you get to your SD card, then choose the folder that contains your music. It remembers that location, so will go directly there the next time you open it.

I don't like the Music app, but only because I don't want to look at all the advertising just to hear a little music. For that reason only, I installed and use the Multimedia8 app. Both apps play music from my SD card.



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one suggestion Ive seen is to create a vhd on your sd card, then mount that virtual drive to a folder on your C dive. This tricks windows into thinking your SD card is actually part of your C drive and it will continued indexing it as such. I'll be testing this over the next few days.

Xbox music as the only music player has been a tremendous disappointment. its handling of local, network, and SD card files is horrible. I'm hoping Multimedia 8 is up to this task. if not, there's a real opportunity for a developer here to come out with a great music player for Windows RT. I would pay for something that works at this point. Xbox music is just embarrassing in its current form.


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PallenTX --

That's all very interesting, but it just isn't necessary. Both the Music app and Multimedia8 will play music directly off the SD card. I'm doing it that way every day.



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the issue isn't just finding them to play but having the music and video apps see them as yours without having to go find them. by adding the vhd trick that has been mentioned, the sd card becomes a library with all the functionality that a library has over just a directory. I think very much worth setting it up per the instructions in another post as it really makes the apps more functional


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I've been using mounted volumes for the longest time (since XP) and I find it a very good solution, personal or enterprise requirements. Earlier, I configured my RT to do what I've been doing for so long and it works like a charm (sic).
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