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Hi Everyone first post here. Have had my Surface for a few months and I really love this thing. Since owning it my iPad has gone to my wife and I literally have not turned on my MacBook Air.

I have one problem though with the Music App. I bought a micro SD card and loaded some MP3s on it. I tried all the suggestions to get it to work with Music app and have it recognize the music on the Micro SD card. I couldn't get it to work so I just put some MP3s right in the Music directory on the C: drive.

However, when I go into the Music app it just says "It Is Lonely in Here" and will not show the music I have in the Music folder. But if I go to the Desktop and open File Explorer and double click on an MP3 it opens up in the Music app and plays it just fine.

Anyone have any ideas why my MP3s in the Music folder will not show up in the Music app?

Thanks in advance,


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You need to 'map' the SD card. Go to the FAQ section. It's been beat like a dead horse.


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You can also use the Desktop in a traditional way, select the media file and use Open with...


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You need to 'map' the SD card. Go to the FAQ section. It's been beat like a dead horse.
Bosamar, trust me I spent an entire afternoon trying to get it to work from the SD card with no luck. And I am a gadget/tech guy so I know I was following the instructions correctly. So I am at a point I don't even care about the SD card. I am putting my MP3s right in the Music folder, they still do not show up in the Music app, but I can play them by double clicking in them in File Explorer. Why wont they show up in the Music app?


Your problem sounds similar to what happened to me. I'm assuming you correctly followed all the instructions to point your music library to the SD card. If so, here's something I discovered that works for me: change the name of the folder from C:\SD\music to C:\SD\MyMusic and reset the library name to match. And if that works, eventually you'll find that new music added to C:\SD\MyMusic won't show up. When that happens, change the name back to C:\SD\Music. In practice, it doesn't matter what you name the folder, just that you change the name to something else. Apparently, the name change causes the library to re-sync. HTH
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