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MWC 2015: The Microsoft Surface Pro 3 wins the GSMA Award for Best Mobile Tablet


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The GSM Association (GSMA), hosts of Mobile World Congress has just announced the winners of the 20th Global Mobile Awards, and the award for Best Mobile Tablet goes to… The Microsoft Surface Pro 3!

Microsoft’s Surface Pro 3 takes the award this time around from the Apple iPad Air, which won the award in 2014. Microsoft’s hybrid PC has been a hit in a number of different industries and markets, including education and healthcare, as well as among consumers. Its versatility in accepting multiple input methods, its long battery life and strong performance has made it the go-to device for those looking for a no-compromise mobile computing experience.

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I'm currently here at MWC and I have to say Microsoft's showing is pretty awesome, they have a great stand/conference area and provided us with free Ethernet access on Monday :)

But what has been really cool is the amount of SP3's out in the wild here! I have mine here obviously but seeing so many other journalists, bloggers, business deal guys and others with them here is a really good sign. They are still beaten by the amount of Macbooks I've seen, but the SP3 has a really good showing here and frankly deserves the award, it has been a great tool here and probably my first real use of travel with it!


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Don't know which other awards will be handed out, but as I see the SP3 more as a Notebook replacement instead of a Tablet replacement I'm hoping somekind of notebook award will be won as wel. I think tablet isn't really doing the surface any justice. what's actually the difference in definition between those two?

Offtopic: is it known where MWC will be organized in the next years?