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My review of Surface Pro 2



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Or tried to visually differentiate the tiny touchpad from the surrounding area -- made of the exact same material in the exact same color. At the very least the could've made the touchpad a different shade, or put a backlit border around it. While it'll do in a pinch, a mouse or external touchpad is what most users quickly use the USB port for -- surprising that someone would actually consider it a strong point of the keyboard, possibly the OP has tiny fingers?

I did not say the touchpad is the strong point of the keyboard, but when used in good light for me it's as good as any other touchpad (in fact, it has better precision than most touchpads that I used - but I did not use a MacBook touchpad until now). The only thing that I miss for the touchpad (and you pointed it out) is a backlit border. But this is only a problem when working in the dark, which is only like 10-20% of the time for me. I can't fault the touchpad because of this.
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Good review, i am sure it would help many programmers make the leap. As for the trackpad, for me it is a horrible experience coming from a Macbook Air, so I settled with Apple's Magic trackpad when i need that precision. The trackpad on the TypeCover 2 is neither precise nor comfortable to the fingers - I hope they fix it by removing the texture feel on TypeCover3