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My SP4 leather skin (back)


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very nice, but I would take it 1 step further and paint the windows logo silver... that would look sweet!


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That's really nice. I hope it makes it less cold when picking up. My SB was like an ice cube in the morning...


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Nice. What brand has the Windows Logo embossed on it?
Here's my SP3 with a Sticker Boy brown leather skin . . .

Heat dissipation is no problem. I've had 2 SP1's and 3 SP3's (due to return and replacements at MS Store) and ironically the last SP3 they gave me was refurbished and it is the first one I've had that works 100%. It's condition was pristine and I wanted to keep it that way, my others attracted scratches no matter how careful I was.


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Very nice, I have a similar stickerboy skin to the brown one but in black. It really keeps it like new. My 2 year old SP3 is like new under neath.

In do like the embossed logo though where did you get it?

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Rawhide... keep them doggies Rollin, rawhide. the embossing is a nice touch, a cool windows hot brand would be awesome.


Would it affect the heat dissipation ?

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Yes skins or cases do affect heat disipation. But in real life you will almost never notice this impact as its so small.

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Stickerboy skins have an optional cutout for the Windows logo to remain exposed.

Here is my Surface Book with Performance Base under such a skin.