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my Surface RT doesn't want to sleep


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hi, I have the Surface RT first generation updated to Win 8.1.

my problem is when I put it in sleep mode by tapping the option and close the lid, the screen goes black and it seems it's sleeping, but it's not: every time I receive an email, the tablet rings the bell.

it's awake, and it consumes battery, so that if I charge it completely, remove the charger, use it a bit, put it in sleep mode, then use it again after some hours, the battery is almost over.

I didn't remember I changed anything, so... can anyone help me figuring out what's the cause and fix?

There appears to be a sleep-related bug for some people, but I haven't seen anything about a fix. For now, changing the lid/power button options to "shut down" instead of sleep might be the only workaround. You will probably also want to find/post about this in the official Microsoft Q/A boards (link in my sig), so MS is aware that more people have the problem. If you don't have a lot of stuff stored on there, doing a full factory reset and then patching from there may or may not fix it, if there's any sort of hiccup that happened during your upgrade.