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NAS Support for Surface RT


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I recently purchased the Surface RT, and have been really enjoying it. However, in my quest to maximize the potential, I have struggled to get as smooth an integration with my NAS server as expected. I am running the Synology DS410, and while I haven't had problems running movies through the video app, it doesn't index them and integrate that smoothly. For movies, I am ok, but for videos and music, and I am less satisfied, as I don't want to pack up the hard drive and SD card (although 64 GB does provide flexibility). Has anyone had success with integrating their NAS with the Photo and XBOX apps (and possibly the Videos as well)? Also, anyone know of any DS apps yet?

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It's annoying, we know. For some reason Microsoft has not made it easy to add other locations to the index. There are a few methods out there, but they are for local storage only (SD card). I don't know of any way to have Windows index network file shares. Others here may have more information than I do.
It is relatively easy to add network folders to the library, but the problem is that, the "trio" aka Photos, Music, Videos, are buggy in getting files from remote sources. The Photobucket application does a *way* better job.
Photobucket? Excellent suggestion. I played around last night with a couple different photo applications, but didn't find one that I liked. I will certainly look into this one and report my results. Cheers!
I think the cloud is the best option. If you attempt to add any remote files from a NAS or a PC to the local system's index it will not work if it isn't coming with you when you move from the source. You can map a drive on a laptop but the drive isn't available when you go mobile.
The applications dependent on Windows Search will simply not work if the files on the remote server are not indexed by Windows Search on the *remote* machine. No Windows Search on the remote computer, no index. Simple.
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I hope the Photo app will be fixed. If Photobucket does it right, why not the Photo app. But Photobucket is also buggy.

Anything that runs Windows Search should work.
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