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Running MPEG-2 Videos


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I have hundreds of home movies in MPEG-2 format. They run on pretty much every platform I have ever had (pick a MS SW version) and I have used them to burn DVDs. I understand Windows 8 RT does not play MPEG-2 but other video download apps (like YXplayer RT and Mobile.HD) advertise they play MPEG. They don't. I have sent emails to MS and to the YXPlayer vendors but get static. Anyone out there have MPEGs that work on Surface? If so, what app are you using? I feel like I wasted $9 downloading YXPlayer but then again it had a 1-star rating.


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Hmm, that's a tricky one. PowerDVD certainly says it will run MPEG2 - but that doesn't run on RT (and it's pricey even if it did!!).

There's "Invisible Controls Video Player". Haven't tried it myself, and it doesn't /look/ like a very well polished app, but you might want to give it a try. Alas there is no free trial, so you'll have to fork out some money if you want to try it.

Lastly, if the apps you've tried are advertising themselves as having functionality that they don't actually have, then keep at them to get support, if you still don't hear anything back, then go back to the app's listing in the app store, scroll down, and you should see a link to report the app to Microsoft for violating the terms and conditions (I haven't read the terms and conditions, but I'd hope Microsoft would include false advertising as being a 'bad thing'!).


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thanks. I don't know if I'm the only one to notice this, but under video playback you can only play one video. The "select all" then "play all" results in the playback of only one video. For example, if I have a folder with 10 home videos and highlight 5 of them (a basic capability in Windows Media Player going back forever) and then hit "play all", the player will only play a single video. Opening the submenu during playback and hitting "next" results in the video currently playing being restarted. The other videos that were highlighted don't play unless they are singly picked out. it's a deficiency is Windows 8 but they can get WMP-10.

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