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Need help with type cover troubleshooting test


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If a some people could spare a few minutes I'd like to ask you to check something for me. Go to control panel and bring up the page with your devices and printers. Right click on your type cover and perform the troubleshooting command. Does an error message appear stating that it's an old USB type and will not work with USB3? It goes on to say to plug it into a USB2 port and to try again. (I would have uploaded a pic but the message is all in Japanese). I'm wondering if this has anything to do with all the type cover woes I'm experiencing.
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That was fast, thanks! All my other listed devices showed no errors with the troubleshooting command, just the type cover. I have an open ticket with CSR concerning my troubles with this and I will be sending in this extra info.


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I heard somewhere perhaps from tweety bird (which in todays world would be like a small independent drone) that the keyboard interface was USB 1.0.

Based on some not getting errors it sounds like yours is being misdetected. That could be a software problem or a hardware problem, sorry that doesn't narrow it down. Try running Windows Update with the Keyboard attached.
If that doesn't resolve the problem with the keyboard attached try removing the device in Device manager and let it redetect it. If you can try your keyboard on another Surface and try another keyboard on your Surface.

hmm, didn't you have a keyboard issue earlier... these all run together after a while.