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Netflix/HBO Go 720p/HD Streaming


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Hey All,

I'm looking into purchasing a Surface RT tablet, but have a couple of important issues I'm looking to sort out.

I purchased an Asus Transformer Infinity primarily for it's 1080p screen and the appeal of beautiful video (streaming and storage). However, I quickly discovered that the android Netflix app doesn't even support 720p video (Let alone 1080p). Similar story with the HBO Go app (although it had better quality than Netflix).

Does anyone know if the RT Netflix app supports 720p streaming? I apologize in advance, but I'm not looking for opinions on the video quality, as for some 480p looks great and they have no problem with it. I can easily tell the difference between the video quality levels (480p, 720p, and 1080p) and can't justify buying a tablet to watch standard definition video on.

Similarly, I've heard that there is no RT HBO Go app but that the HBO web player works fine in IE 10. Does anyone know if this includes HD streaming or if only sub 720p content is supported in browser streaming?

Thanks a bunch for the help!


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I don't know where or how to get actual specs - but if you're a patriots fan (as am I) maybe you could go check out the device at the Microsoft store in downtown Boston and see what you think of the quality?


The problem with the Netflix and HULU Apps are that they don't indicate the quality being streamed. On the Xbox and Boxee Box Netflix App you get a little gauge that tells you when you're in HD but not on the RT Apps. On a good connection and more recent movie I'd say they can get to 720P but it doesn't look any higher than that to me. Then again it doesn't seem any higher than that on the Xbox either, again with a good connection. I would say the best quality video I've seen is Vudu with their HDX, be it the Xbox App or in a browser on the Surface.