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Network Discovery Issue - SP4 doesn't see NAS/Printer


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I am having a weird network issue with my SP4 too and I don't know if it could help both of us to find a solution:
When I use my SP4 connected to our corporate 802.1x wifi network, set as private on SP4, I cant find network resources when browsing the network (PCs, printers, etc.) and I also cannot connect to non standard ports like could be IMAP SSL 993, webserver on non-standard 80 ports, etc.
Tested also disabling Windows Firewall, no luck
Tested several other wi-fi networks, not 802.1x, and everything works fine
Using the same 802.1x wi-fi network with the same user account on other PCs everything works fine.
I tried anything I could... zero results.

I am start thinking it is an issue with my network cards or its drivers...

Do you have any experience with 802.1x wi-fi networks?
I don't have any other ones to test my SP4 with.

Thank you,


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At this point, try one of these things:

1) Disable IPv6

2) Remove the Network Adapter via Device Manager, and immediately cold reboot (not a soft restart).


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I still periodically have a problem with the Surface. Funny I never have that problem with my desktop. Are you running wireless or with Ethernet connector? I use the Ethernet Connector from Microsoft on my Surface and I am wondering it that might not be the cause of the intermittent dropping and "non-seeing"?

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