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New Ad Shows Off Continuum: The Best Windows 10 Phone Feature that iOS & Android Don't Have


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Microsoft finally has that "killer feature" which is so innovative, that even Apple's iOS and Google's Android can't do it. It's called Continuum, and although here on the forums, we already know all about it thanks to Microsoft's press event, it's great to see that Microsoft now has an ad to show it off to the general consumer.

The video ad can be seen in the thread below, and it does a solid job of simply explaining what Continuum offers for Windows 10 Phone users. At the time of this post, the video ad hasn't even been officially released by Microsoft. This is a leaked promo video, and we are looking forward to seeing it "in the wild."

The video clearly makes it seem like your Windows 10 Phone can basically be converted into a mostly functional PC just by hooking it up to a monitor, a keyboard and a mouse, thanks to Continuum. Microsoft continues to push the envelope on what you can do with a mobile device, and we can't wait to try this out!


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This is the single feature that will move me off android come release.

I've not seen the video, and this is an assumption, but I assume that when they say computer, they basically mean Windows 10 RT? It can only run store apps. Now wait til we get to the point where a phone can do this and run x86 :)