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New Firmware Release and Update...

Jay Marino

Here are the changes that the Update provided:
Surface Pro 3:
  • Surface Pro Embedded Controller Firmware update (v38.9.50.0) improves system start-up reliability.
  • Surface Pro UEFI update (v3.11.1150.0) adds pen support in UEFI menus and improved support for 3rd party onscreen keyboards.
  • Surface Fingerprint Sensor driver update (v2.2.10.6) improves accuracy.
  • Wireless Network Controller and Bluetooth driver update (v15.68.9037.59) improves access point compatibility and throughput on 5GHz.
  • HD Graphics Family driver update 4331 (v20.19.15.4331) improves color calibration and system stability.
  • Display Audio driver update (v6.16.00.3189) supports compatibility with the updated HD Graphics Family driver.
  • Surface Cover Audio driver update (v2.0.1220.0) improves system stability.
  • Microsoft Surface ACPI-Compliant Control Method Battery driver update (v1.2.0.2) ensures the correct surface driver is installed.
I don't see anything pertaining to the Wifi, but now my SP3 disconnects every 3-4 Minutes now. This NEVER happened before. Any suggestions? Should I roll back the firmware update and if so, what is the easiest way to do so?

Thank you for any suggestions and/or input.


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I'll speak as a service rep. Roll back and test. If the problem goes away don't install the update and wait for another. If the problem still occurs, do the update again.


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I'll speak as a service rep. Roll back and test. If the problem goes away don't install the update and wait for another. If the problem still occurs, do the update again.

Please be patient with my unfamiliarity with some of these terms and processes, but I didn't know that it was possible to "rollback" a firmware update. I know how to do a driver rollback but not a Windows Update. Suggestions?
Jay Marino

Jay Marino

If anyone has this same problem, like I did....I have so far fixed it as far as I can tell.

I went to Device Manager and then Network Adapter and then Wireless Controller and "Disabled" it.
Then "Re-Enabled" it and Walla! Working good so far. After this process and a shut down and restart, somewhere along the way a new "Surface Ethernet Adapter" was installed. Maybe something happened during the update. Hope we are good from here.


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I am noticing somewhat unusual behavior. It is the CPU making the machine run hot enough for the fan to cut in. This is unusual and normally only happens occasionally in normal use. It is now happening most of the time. This is since this update this will definitely reduce battery life, although that normally isn't a problem for me the way I use it. My wife can hear the fan better than I can and commented on the noise. It is the first time she has noticed it in the 14 months I have had the SP3.


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I have removed some stuff from startup including Spotify and it seems to be behaving better. It may be a combination of things on the device. I guess I have a fair bit starting up on it so I went through the startup to knock stuff off that I don't need. There could be an interaction of course between software changes and third party programs that isn't helping.
Jay Marino

Jay Marino

Multiple Issues after Firmware Update on Surface Pro 3 • Love My Surface

Issues after Firmware Update on Surface Pro 3: What’s Breaking?
Here’s a partial list of the reported problems people are seeing on Windows 10:

  • Occasional BSOD citing “DRIVER_POWER_STATE_failure”
  • Rebooting to a black screen.
  • Not going to sleep/shut down properly and/or randomly waking up from sleep mode resulting in battery drains.
  • Surface App button mapping stops working.
  • Windows Hello stops working with SP4 Type Cover fingerprint reader.
  • Login via PIN stops working.
  • Start button (software/on-screen) stops responding.
  • System freezes.
  • Touch input stops working.
  • SP4 Type Cover no longer works.
If you think you’re safe by sticking with Windows 8.1, you may not be. There was, at least, one person who complained about a battery drain problem with Windows 8.1 as well.

Issues after Firmware Update on Surface Pro 3: What Can You Do?
If you’re having issues after the update, the best thing you can do to address these firmware problems is to rollback the update under Update Settings. Rolling back the update seems to fix the problem most of the time, just make sure you change your settings to prevent the updates from trying to automatically reinstall.

To do so, find the Windows Update settings then select Advanced Settings. Next find the update (System Firmware Update – 1/19/2016) and remove it. Next, go back into the Windows Updates settings and set the pulldown to “notify to schedule” under the Choose how updates are installedsection. Alternatively, you can check the Defer upgrades checkbox but, be aware, that will stop all updates for “up to several months”.