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New handwriting keyboard pop up


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I'm having a few issues:

1. the handwriting pops up by default instead of the keyboard, can I get the keyboard back instead?

2. It also pops up excessively. If I change my brush size in photoshop it will pop up and I don't see why. Maybe it pops up just from rolling over a field, even if I don't select it? The keyboard pop up never had this problem before.

3. It doesn't recognize most of my letters, even though I am careful to write perfectly clear. Where do I set it up to recognize my handwriting better?


1. Not sure yet if you can. Struggled with this myself. I found if I press on the screen with my finger, the keyboard would pop up.
If you tapped with your pen on the screen looking for the keyboard, the handwriting block pops up. I like to use my pen tip instead of a "mouse" for more accurate tapping. I want the keyboard to pop up as you do.
I'm back on 8.1, but this is something that bothered me as well.


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I am sharing your pain, this thing is driving me crazy and I do not think there is a toggle to disable/configure the handwriting panel (like the one for the standard keyboard).

I have opened a feature suggestion at the user voice website to ask MS to add the toggle, it is here:


It is shocking that nobody realized that the actual behaviour of the handwriting panel was going to drive a lot of heavy pen users nuts.

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