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Surface 2 personal user now with a work Surface 3


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Hi all - glad to have run across the forums looking for guidance on the Surface 3.

Been a Surface Pro 2 user for about a year and my work laptop was 4 years old, when upgrading the Surface Pro 3 was an obvious choice as a laptop replacement, and about $300 less expensive than a laptop replacements.

So the new Surface is set up on a work domain which I connect to nearly every morning before and every evening following my "normal" office day to day duties and I'll be damned...this thing is about near perfect as I can imagine. I'm an active OneNote and OneDrive user and can't believe how much easier it is to work at home.

Anyway, great stuff from the tips and tricks thread already...I'm on the lookout for a decent Folio for the it...

...back to scour through the threads...


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Welcome to the forum. I'm a newbie too...so new I haven't even got a surface yet as mine is still on preorder. :-(

Glad to hear it's working well for you.