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New Power Problem


Is there any chance that a recent MS update has caused a battery or battery-related hardware issue for the SP3?

I've had my SP3 for a little over 2 years. I use it frequently, but it is treated well and in great shape. I hadn't used it in about 10 days. It has been sitting in my SP dock on my desk. I powered it on today, ran a set of updates, and then after using it for a bit I took it out of the dock. As soon as it disconnected from the dock it died immediately.

After a bit of troubleshooting I discovered that the system works just fine when plugged in but as soon as power is removed it dies instantly. The battery reports 99% full, but either that report is totally bogus or something else is causing the system to behave in this manner.

I was inclined to presume that this was a hardware failure, but it did happen at an odd time--I've been getting great battery performance and no sign of a problem before this. When I've searched online for troubleshooting, I'm seeing a lot of old threads on topics like this, but then a lot of newer posts from the last two weeks of people reporting this issue with their SP3 as well. Seems odd.

One thing that might play into this that I've wondered about. At least one recent update mentioned not running the update while docked. Given the way updates are installed though, it's likely that one of these was installed with the system in the dock. Despite all the "don't install while in the dock" warnings, I haven't seen anything that tells what to do if that does happen.

I did try to roll back the system to a previous restore point, but that did nothing. I can't imagine this is a Windows problem. Either it legitimately is a hardware issue or I'm suspecting something firmware.

And my extended warranty expired in November, so my timing here is just perfect. MS wants $450 to swap out for a replacement. Not going to do that. Will probably just wait until the SP5 comes out if I can't figure out a way to fix this.

Any ideas?


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I've been having the exact same problem for the last 2 weeks, with my power indicator always saying 62% (not charging) and it switches off as soon as the AC cable is removed. I'm fully up to date with all updates and can't figure out how to resolve!


I basically concluded that my battery was DOA. I did various troubleshooting steps I found online (uninstall battery from Device Manager, reinstall, etc.). None of it made any difference. Since I was out of warranty, I was out of luck. Microsoft support was particularly frustrating as they talked in circles. (One representative told me that since this was a battery issue my extended warranty had been extended and was still in effect. Then when I went to act on that I was told that the first person was mistaken.) I wound up buying an SP4 and then, because it seemed like a good value for a backup device, paid $450 to replace my SP3.

As an aside, I had/have the i7 SP3 and now the i7 SP4. The SP4 is so much a better performer that I'm happy to have upgraded. Although I really was planning to hold out for the SP5 as my upgrade machine.


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So this is interesting. My surface is also a little over two years old, and this same exact thing happened to me about two weeks ago. Everything had been running well, and then suddenly it doesnt charge. It reports that I have 60% battery remaining. I have two microsoft AC adapters. Neither will charge my device. Battery report tells me nothing useful. Unplugging the AC adapter instakills the device, and I have tried all of MS "solutions" for "plugged in, not charging".

Even on the AC adapter, my device wont stay powered and powers off without warning, but i think i did read that the adapter wasnt quite sufficent for the Surface.

I'll admit I am more than a little suspicious...

Are we really so unlucky that our devices' batteries died at the same time? I havent seen many other reports like ours recently. Ive done a system restore without any luck, and now Im doing a system reset.


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It's a firmware issue many of us are plagued with at present, with little to no contact from Microsoft. Those that do contact Microsoft are told they can purchase a refurbed on for $450, but people have reported the refurb has the same issue. Check out the MS forum here: Surface Pro 3 with LGC LGC Battery Degradation Issue - Post 8/29/2016 Update

Right now, many of us are looking for ways to help others be aware in hopes of helping Microsoft pay attention to us.