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New pro 4gb vs pro4 4/8gb


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HI, Im looking to purchase a surface hoping to get some help if possible.

I'm debating on either getting new pro 4gb or PRO4 4 or 8gb.

I'm into artwork not professional but rather a hobby, a beginner i'd say.

Been using samsung slate 7-A04 for many years , it is a bit sluggish with photoshop.

Always wanted a surface, 1 of the best feature for me is the stand. Primary use at home so battery is not important nor storage. What i seek mostly is the smoothness performance, and of course budget.


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Agreed. Not that helpful. A 4gb sp3 is perfectly capable of running photoshop and various video editing software, and my partner does so frequently. But it depends at what rate you want the work done etc etc.

Best option is to just find a store selling the sp4 with a good returns policy (as in one where you can use the thing for a week/month etc and still take it back for full refund).


With a 8GB model I monitored my memory use for a couple of week and my typical workflow peaked between 4-6GB, but that’s me. As long as you are buying new and have the 30 day return option, perhaps you might want to go the same.

Buy the 8GB model, monitor memory use for a couple of weeks and if your not constantly peaking above 4GB, consider returning it for the 4GB model

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