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Surface pro 4 i5: 4gb or 8gb RAM?


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Edit: I guess to be more specific: How much extra memory does driving two monitors take up for regular MS Office type work? Especially a high res.

None really, there shouldn't be any noticeable difference in RAM usage for extra monitors. It will use more CPU and graphics power however... Which seeing as the intel graphics use the RAM as their VRAM I guess technically means there would be more RAM use... :rolleyes:
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I've been using my SP2 w/ 4GB for virtually everything for the last year and a half. It performs exceptionally... until the RAM runs out, which happens frequently. It's still useable even once the RAM is maxed out, but I'm definitely getting 8GB with my SP4.

I think 16GB is probably overkill unless you're going to be using your SP4 exclusively for editing raw files.


It depends. I wouldn't go for anything less than 8GB though. It will provide enough headroom for most.

I use a lot of virtual machines and memory is key. My next one is definitely 16GB.


If you can 16GB. Get a smaller disk, you can always pick up an external HDD/SSD fairly cheap. Not to mention the SD card.

Personally I would prefer 32 or even 64GB, I do run a lot virtual machines. Would love the ability to do so simultaneously.
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