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Just ran Windows Update (normally i do it every day, manually) and have new updates, sorry, in spanish.

The last one, hardware update it's been released today

2013-11-12 21_39_17-Seleccionar actualizaciones para instalar.png
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According to the Microsoft Site the hardware changes include

. Optimize the performance of Touch Cover 2 and Type Cover 2.

· Improvements in battery life.

· Improved system performance and stability.

· Wi-Fi network performance improvements


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just finished updating. what newer drivers were installed? previously I had updated to the latest drivers from marvel from the pro2 update that brought better battery life. I also updated to the latest Intel generic driver. I just checked my device manager. none of those drivers got changed. Unless, for the wifi and bt, they gave us the same update as the pro 2 got a week or so back. which I already had installed. im guessing the graphics driver didn't get an update or it would've overwrite my intel generic one.

oh well, this update isn't so exciting for me then since I already did MS job over a week ago..lol why they wait this long to give us the same drivers that brought pro2 better battery life?


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Here is official changelog from windows site:

Windows 8.1
•Update to the LifeCam driver to increase TrueColor fidelity.
•Update to the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth drivers to enable improved wireless display performance and to further enhance Wi-Fi network performance and stability

Here is a link to article which talks about it and in there links to MS official site for proof.

Patch Tuesday: Microsoft releases firmware updates for Surface, Surface 2, and Surface Pro | Windows Phone Central

Either way, they gave us those drivers I said previously. As I already updated to them a while back and they didn't change. Meaning I already had them installed from pro2 update zip I unpacked and installed their wireless drivers.


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For me it was the same, i already had installed WiFI + BT drivers from SP2. So, after installed the updates from WU, they are the same (SP2) version. Intel drivers are still the same (i have the official).


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You are all correct. I should not have paraphrased and generalized the updates as applying to all us. Please don't shoot the messenger.:D


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BTW FWIW As I mentioned before, and as many of you know, Microsoft has this kind of relatively comprehensive Windows Update on the second Tuesday of each month @ approximately 2:00 PM EST
Keep your Calendars checked. We all look forward (at least I do) to getting things on a regular basis, hoping of course its an improvement that is noticeably realized.:D
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