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Another driver question (HD 4000)


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Howdy, fellow Surface Pro owners.

I am a proud new owner of the SP and have found this forum a blessing. I have been lurking for a few days now, and finally decided to make a post. Forgive me if it has been answered I combed through the forums via search and just browsing and have seen lots of driver topics, but nothing specifically addressing this question.

So here it is:

I updated a few days ago to the latest driver from Intel's site. Very nice improvement with the custom UI to adjust settings, etc. Come to find out that later that evening windows did an update and reinstalled the 3/28 hardware update with MS custom drivers reverting back to the older drivers. I know they did this to improve on the throttling issue, so to keep the new drivers you have to ignore windows hardware update. Are others doing this or is everyone just taking the windows OEM version and living with it?

I do a bit of gaming, but nothing too intense. World of Warcraft, Civ5, etc. I do love the new drivers and their interface, but am curious if the OEM drivers (hardware update) is the better bet due it being patched from MS. Any suggestions are welcomed. I am trying to squeeze the most of out my SP while on the road and absolutely love this little bugger. So which drivers are you gaming type using? The latest and greatest from Intel, or the hardware updated OEM drivers from MS?

Welcome to the forum HookemAZ. That is a good question and honestly might be too early to answer. My suggestion is try both out and see what works best for you and share your experience. Many have been happy with he Intel drivers over the MS versions and there are posts about getting the new ones from Intel but I haven't heard if anybody has gone back to the others to compare the differences.