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New SP only 50.6gb capacity?


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I just received my surface pro. Its sold as A1 as new, it arrived with some scratches on it so I thought I had better check it all out.

When I look in my computer c drive highlighted it says 22.9gb of space free of 50.6gb. I thought it was a 64gb drive?

I was also hoping for a bit more than 22.9gb of space, is this all as it should be or is there something wrong with it?

Thanks for any help



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Well the manufacturer decimal to Windows Binary conversion means your 64GB HDD is actually only reported to Windows as around 60GB. Minus 9-10GB for recovery leaves 50GB ish so sounds about right.

Check your Disk Management to find out more. Here's my 64GB SP3:

Which as you can see leaves me with just 53GB usable space for me.


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Great info. I will move the recovery partition as soon as I get my backup solution sorted.

Now just to work out why its electrocuting me while its charging and I will be a very happy bunny. I'm loving it so far.

Thanks again


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Tingling is not likely user resolvable. If it's more than a little tingling then it could potentially be unsafe. You could try reversing the plug to see if that helps. Try an outlet on another circuit also just to eliminate any possibility of circuit problems. Best to get it replaced.