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New SP user, looking for some recommendations please.


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Just picked up a SP last night to replace my Asus Transformer Prime tablet. I was looking for something that had some more power and faster storage. This certainly fits that bill. I use my tablets for primarily comic book reading, book reading, web browsing, email, video play back, and light gaming ( emulators and such).

I am satisfied so far with the hardware. Windows 8 is proving to be quite a learning curve for me. Some of my favorite apps on my droid do not have touch equivalents on Windows 8. This is making the experience very frustrating for me. Perhaps some folks here could recommend some better choices for me.

For comic book reading I used to use Comicrack for Android. The current version runs on Windows 8 but is not optimized for touch or stream lined for tablet use and it sucks using it on the SP. I tried about 8 different comic apps last night and have narrowed it down to two: Comix, or Panel Feed. Ideally I want an app that will import from a root source folder and organize automatically. I dislike very much apps that make me import or open each comic one at a time.

Same thing for ereaders. I used to use Mantano a lot on my droid. I have tried both Freda and Book Bazaar. Neither of them, from what I can tell, allow me to specify a root folder and import everything at once. This is frustrating. I have the 128 GB version of the SP and I want to be able to browse my epub collection all at once when selecting a book to read. Some recommendations here would be great.

Emulators: I like playing old 16 bit games. There were plenty of emulator choices available on Android, and there are plenty available on Windows, the problem is the Windows ones are not optimized for touch and I dont want to have to use the keyboard anytime I want to play an emu game. For Sega genesis all I could find in the MS Store was Genstalgia. It runs roms fine it seems but the sound is all fuzzy and horrible. Something that is actually noted on the developers web site. And I still had to pay money for the app? WTF? I don't mind paying for a working app, but when my only option for an emu is a broken one that is not even free is a bit sad.

I purchased at Best Buy, so I have two weeks to return it. I will give it a few more days, but maybe I am better off with an Android tablet still. The problem is that I want the larger, faster storage, and the better cpu, and you can't really get that in the droid world right now.



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Have you tried the comixology app?

For emulators, there's a good one in the store. Its a snes one. Plays very well and touch optimized. Lets u use Xbox controller also. Plus since you have a pro, you could always download any PC based.

Perfect solution to wanting or making any emulator touch based. Use the new software called gameworks gesture play. I'm beta testing it now actually. Google it and you can sign up to be a beta tester. Then once it releases final version, you get it free because you get the unlock code. But it works very well. Allows you to make any custom vertual controls. I set it up foe my steam games. You just Map the keys to the virtual buttons or pad. Its worth checking out.


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I would return it to the store and buy the model that will be released a week from now. It will have many improvements.