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Coming from a SP2 512gb


So I am thinking about getting the $1300 version of the SPA and wondering if I will notice a performance improvement coming from the I5 4300 cpu with 8 gb or ram? I use my SP2 for Office, Netflix, Video editing , photos and basic gaming (i.e. Diablo 3, possibly Fallout 4 at 1280x720). I am also interested in using it for reading and comics. My SP2 is quite heavy and sucks in portrait mode for reading comics. I was hoping the SP4 will do all what I want better than the SP2 and not me want a regular tablet.


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IMO neither of these are ideal for portrait mode but 3:2 is better at it than 16:9.
Lighter, check.
Performance improvement, check.
Comics? You probably need the Kindel Comics Edition :D