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New Surface Pro 2 Owner


Just bought a new Surface Pro 2 - 512GB with 8GB DDR the other day. Should have it sometime next week. I currently own an Acer W700 with a 128GB mSATA drive. What is the easiest way to sync my new Surface Pro 2?


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512, wow. I have a 256 but that is sweetness!

I keep all my data on SugarSync, so I just pointed it at the SP2 and it pulled it down (took awhile though).

If I had it to do over again, or if you don't cloud all your data, then I would plug an external drive into. Your old machine and drag over My Documents / Pictures / etc.. then plug it into the SP2 and repeat.

I don't' know how to do a direct transfer via an USB3.0 cable, but that would be easiest if so.