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"New" Surface Pro Keyboard - suddenly a group of keys doesn't work


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I put the word "new" in quotes because I actually bought it about two years ago when I bought my SP3, tried the keyboard for a day or two and then put the keyboard back in the box because I decided to use a full size wireless keyboard instead. So it's not technically new but it does not have any mileage on it, so it should work as if it's new.

Anyway, I've recently bought the new SP4 (I guess that's what we're calling the 2017 Surface?) and decided to try the keyboard again. Now, I discover a group of the keys on the left side don't work:

caps lock (all other keys in this row work)
ctrl-space bar

I assume the keyboard is purely a passive input device, and there's nothing I can do to "reset" it or update drivers? It has this problem on both the old SP3 and the new SP4.

It's been sitting in the box for the past two years, so nothing could have gotten into it. There doesn't seem to be anything blocking the movement of the keys. The contact points aren't tarnished or damaged in any way, as far as I can tell. At $150, these keyboards are way too expensive to be disposable.