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Numbers Block on External Keyboard not working


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Does any of you have the same experience and possible solution?

Symptom: Numbers in numbers block on external keyboard are not working

In Detail: I have a SurfacePro4 with a docking station hub. There I connect an external keyboard. The keyboard is recognized and the respective driver and configuration software is installed. The keyboard is on with a separate block for easy typing of numbers. When NUM LOCK is off the keys numbers block react normally and as expected. If I activate NUM LOCK the keys do not react and I can't type numbers anywhere.
This happens with two different keyboards ( a) Microsoft Comfort Curve Keyboard 2000 v.10 , wired device connected to USBand b) Microsoft Sculpt Comfort Desktop (brand new) . a wireless device with an USB receiver).
The system is up to date and the drivers for the keyboards are also the latest ones as far as I can ascertain.
I tried to connect the keyboards via the hub and directly to the USB port on the SP4 with the same results.

Searching this forum and the web at large did not yield anything related.

Any hint would be greatly appreciated.
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I just tried a USB Logitech keyboard and the number keys worked. Not sure what to suggest.

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