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New Surface Pro User from Michigan!


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Hello all! My name is Wayne and I just picked a 128GB Surface Pro at the Microsoft Store in Chicago last week. I really was not intended to pick up one but really liked what I saw and was easily convinced to get it. They had a combo deal that included Office 365, sleeve, extended warranty, screen protector, and the type cover. I grabbed that as well. So far I am loving this set up.

Looking forward to talking with you guys and learning more about the Surface!

Welcome Wayne. There are many discussions about positive and negative points about the Surface Pro buried in this forum. I'd have to admit that the forum search is less than ideal, but it is a good start to learn about your new device.
Congrats on your purchase and welcome to forums. Lots of good help and advice here
I was born and raised in da U.P. (Michigan for those who don't know). Welcome and congrats on the Pro!