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new to SP4 questions


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Mac user switching to SP4 with some questions

1. Does it use the same amount of battery in tablet mode as in PC mode?
2. How do I add app icons to the dock?
3. The weather tile keeps showing weather from Mexico. I changed it, pinned it, starred it and it won't change to my location after I close it. What am I doing wrong?



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1) no it makes no difference tablet mode or pc mode, only what apps/games you use that determines how much battery power it needs as more intensive stuff with tax the ram/cpu and therefore use the battery more... and also the brightness of your screen.
2) what dock are you referring to? I don't think you're using the right terminology correctly...
3) perhaps you have your region set to Mexico? so its pulling it from there or it grabs the data from your internet IP address so for instance if you're in Mexico then your weather apps will think you're in Mexico and grab the weather for mexico, but when you set the region make sure you're saving it before exiting the app...


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Like so - Should fix that region issue in a snap.


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2) Open the app. When the icon appears in the dock, right click and select to lock it to the dock (I forget the actual wording, and I'm on my mac so I can't check, sorry). When you close the app, the icon will stay, and you'll be able to open it from there.