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Very Dissatisfied With SP4


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I'm on an R3700. I guess that doesn't count.

My Comcast is 30 Mbs down for $75 a month with a data cap on top of that. But on my 5Ghz with my SP4 I do get close to 300 Mbps on my local network. Macrium backups to my NAS are pretty quick.


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My Comcast is 30 Mbs down for $75 a month with a data cap on top of that.

My condolences. Bell here in Canada is bad but this is just ridiculous. When I was in the states I had 30 down with comcast but I don't think I was paying $75, interesting.


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Google is installing fiber not 3 miles from here as the crow flies and we are (this week) getting AT&T U-Verse in the neighborhood. No way I would go there but the additional competition can't hurt.


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I am trying to find out if my wireless is bad in this SP4. I am wanting to know if anyone is showing, in their Windows Wi-Fi Status window, a connection speed of more than 144 Mbps on the 2.4 ghz wireless band.

What say you?


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I have yet to hear the fan on mine, but some people have found that it runs if a lot of OneDrive syncing activity is going on or if there is a problem with a microSD card. If you are having an issue with a lot of fan running the first thing I would try is pulling the microSD card if you have one to see if it helps. Then test (chkdsk) the card.

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Actually I believe what you're dissatisfied with is Windows 10. Many of these issues are also being reported on other devices as well, that points to the software as the problem. Unfortunately, in a practical sense, the SP4 and Windows 10 are inextricably linked.
Maybe the tablet version of W10... but I'm using it on this desktop with no problems at all. I haven't put it on my Surface Pro 1 yet and will try to wait until well after all versions of W10 are released to the public and an update or three is out.

But I have W10 on my phone as well with no problems.

Microsoft has had bundles of problems with every tablet they have put out since the original. The original is pretty good and mine is still used on a daily basis.

Microsoft, like all American companies, pushes products out the door as fast as they can --- trying to get more more more more profit. Being profitable isn't enough ... they have to have MORE PROFIT every quarter and every year.

They make the tablets cheaper and charge more and don't test for quality and endurance. Once they have your money ... too bad so sad. But they are no different than any other company when it comes to that. They all push poor products out the door as fast as they can.


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FWIW on the slow WiFi issue, try disabling/re-enabling while you're right next to the router. I had an issue with mine where it was solid 866 Mbps, but when I moved to the other end of the house it'd drop. . and then when I moved back near the router it'd stay at the low point.

I WILL say, when it works, it *IS* fast Downloaded Diablo 3 in under 5 minutes [300Mbps fiber, gotta love it]

I'm hoping the latest round of updates resolved the issue, but I won't know until I get back home this weekend.