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New Windows 8 Surface App: Cloud File Explorer


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I'd just like to let the group know that we just released our new App for Windows 8 that is optimised for Windows Surface Touch devices. The App is called Cloud File Explorer and it unifies and supports up to 35 different Cloud Storage Providers. It is free and the free account gives 5GB free hosted on Amazon S3 and also enables 3 free Clouds to be added and managed. The App also enables business workspace collaboration spaces to be created as well as integration for file viewing with existing Windows 8 Apps and online viewers such as Google Viewer and Zoho. Managed file sharing is also included. We hope you like it. It is available from the Windows 8 App Store.
1. The app loads slowly on the first invocation, I thought it almost went to the Extended Splash screen mode (your programmers should know what I mean)
2. It asked me to Sign In to a server I don't have an account with and I entered some bogus credentials and it let me in to the main menu.
3. Signing in to the free account a Service is not currently available message greeted me.
4. #2 was done in async mode, so it came back to me with Could Not Sign in. Of course, bogus account, bogus server. I just wanted to see the main menu.
5. USA and European Union servers of SME are offline.

Can't test any further.